Sunday, January 30, 2011

Books Read in 2010

January 2010
Swan Song-Edmund Crispin- reread, excellent
When You Reach Me- Rebecca Stead- Newbery Winner- really enjoyed, want to read again
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon- Grace Lin- Good in the end, but took forever to read

February 2010
The Bronze Bow- Elizabeth George Speare- very good
Ginnie and the Cooking Contest- Catherine Wooley- reread of a childhood favorite-Loved
The Witch of Blackbird Pond- Elizabeth George Speare- Good
Evidence of Things Seen- Elizabeth Daly- good

March 2010
Thimble Summer- Elizabeth Enright- good
Connecting Sinai to Calvary- John Jeske - very good

April 2010
Murder in Volume 2-Elizabeth Daly-excellent
The House Without a Door- Elizabeth Daly-good
Worth-Tim LaHaye-very good
Arrow Pointing Nowhere- Elizabeth Daly-good
The Neopolitan Streak- Tim Holme-very good

May 2010
A Funeral of Gondolas-Tim Holme- very good
The Book of the Dead- Elizabeth Daly-riveting read

June 2010
Death in the Garden-Elizabeth Ironside-ok
Because of the Cats-Nicolas Freeling-good
Gun Before Butter-Nicolas Freeling-intense, well-written, especially first half
Free Reign-Rosemary Aubert- ok
The Rainaldi Quartet-Paul Adam-ok
Death at the President's Lodging-Michael Innes-intelligent, complicated
Lament for a Maker- Michael Innes- romantic
Stop Press-Michael Innes-good

July 2010
There Came Both Mist and Snow-Innes-pretty good
Appleby on Ararat-Innes-just crazy!
I, Keturah-Ruth Wolff- reread, a favorite
Pyrotechnics on the Page-Ralph Fletcher-wordplay
Operation Pax-Innes-good, really enjoyed
Appleby's End-entertaining and complex
Still Learning to Read-Franki Sibberson-excellent
The Accomplice-Elizabeth Enright-ok
The Smoke- Tony Broadbent-crime fiction, not really my kind of book
The Mistress of Alderly-Robert Barnard-good, light read
The Corpse at the Haworth Tandoori-Robert Barnard-good
The Murder at Mayfair- Robert Barnard-good
Cherry Blossom Corpse-Robert Barnard-humorous beginning, then ok
Silence Observed-Innes-excellent

August 2010
The Bloody Wood-Innes-good
Picture of Guilt-Innes-good
Tuesdays with Morrie-Mitch Album-ok
Change of Heir-Innes-good, fun
Appleby and Honeybath-Innes-good, disappointing end
Ex Libris-Anne Fadiman-excellent and enjoyable
The Long Farewell-Innes-excellent, references Rome, Verona, Shakespeare...
Death at the Chase-Innes-ok
Appleby's Answer-Innes-fun, entertaining
Appleby's Other Story-Innes- good, intelligent

September 2010
Fen Country-Edmund Crispin-always good
The Open House-Innes-surreal
Little Bee-Chris Cleave- couldn't finish
Castle in the Classroom-loved absolutely

October 2010
The Appleby File-Innes-short stories
The Journeying Boy-Innes-excellent
The Mysterious Commission-Innes-twists and turns
Sheiks and Adders-Innes- entertaining, fun, good read

November 2010
Carson's Conspiracy-Innes-surprise ending
The Case of Sonia Wayward-Innes-amazing, clever
Going It Alone-Innes-ok
The Hare with Amber Eyes-DeWaal- didn't finish
The Long Divorce-Edmund Crispin-good, but odd

December 2010
Books To Go-Nancy Pearl-book recommendations
A Night of Errors-Innes-mesmerizing, but sad ending
A Private View-Innes-art theft, murder, complex
Maigret and the Bar on the Seine-Georges Simonen-very good, but sad

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