Saturday, March 9, 2013

Slice of Life

I'm a little late in starting the Slice of Life project this March because I spent a few days away from my 'normal' life.  I went to Lannon, Wi. to participate in an accreditation process.  It was a delightful 3 days of hard work away from the daily 'grind'.
  I had the foresight to schedule a field trip on the day of my return, so we headed to Hawthorne Hollow to learn how maple trees are tapped.  It was a beautiful, sunny, crisp day crunching through the sugar snow.  We actually tapped a tree and the children were invited to put their mouth right under the spile and taste the sap.  This was a  moment they probably will never forget.
  On the homefront, everyone is home from their adventures:  Colin was in Tuscon, AZ and Tris was on choir tour in Colorado.  It is good to have them around and get their viewpoints on everything.
  I am struggling with the process of grieving for my parents as they age.  From week to week I see them decline and it is heartbreaking.  I never dreamed I would be grieving for them before they pass on.  It is not something you can ever prepare yourself for...

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