Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sensory Writing Prompt for Thursday Quick Write

Kristina Paustian
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The water laps rhythmically against the aged wooden pier. The waves echo as they gently push against the boat launch.
The breeze is warm and humid as it brushes the water. It is a slight relief from the surrounding muggy air but it brings along a fishy odor.
Across the lake there are tree-covered hills, lush and emerald green with a light mist hovering over the hills in the distance. There is an old white farmhouse and barn tucked into the hills, with farmland running right up to the river’s edge where it intermingles with the lake waters.
Around the curve of the land past the old white farmhouse is the Wisconsin River with glistening white sandbars and rugged bluffs that swallows nest in.
There is only one boat on the entire lake at this moment, its motor muffled by the distance between us. A fish leaping for its insect breakfast it splashes as it re-enters the water. The only other sound is bird song and the waves rippling to the shore.
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    For me this is such a peaceful scene. I can picture myself there seeing and hearing the same things.
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    Nice description of a beautiful setting. You have taken me there.
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    I love the verbs that you’re using here: “laps”, “echo”,”tucked”,”Leaping” –so vivid; they bring this to life. Great job!

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