Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mediterranean Dreams

     Kasni arrived in the  Mediterranean with a sigh of relief.  It would be heavenly to get up in the morning and look out over the sparkling waters of the sea and feel the warm scented breeze.

She planned to have breakfast on the warm stone patio, and then go to an open market and buy fresh fruits and vegetables to make a healthy lunch.

She would try to spend every day outdoors exploring, or relaxing with a good book on the patio.
When she had unpacked she went out to explore.  There were beautiful red flowers growing along the rocky shore.  She took a deep breath of the crisp, fresh air.  "Things are going to be different from here on in.  I am determined to make it so," she mused.
   After lunch she made good on her resolution to spend the day outdoors by hiking the rocky hillsides.
When she got to the summit there was a wonderful view of the isle of Crete stretching before her as far as her eyes could see.  There were olive green groves interspersed with rocky cliffs against the most beautiful hazy blue sky.   Two lonely sheep were her only companions.  Here, for a time, she could find peace and contentment.

At dusk she headed towards town to the cobbled roads to see what everyone else was doing.  The street lights were lit so she could see the boats bobbing gently against the shore in the harbor. The beauty of it all took her breath away.  As she walked down the street the architecture intrigued her. Her old life seemed distant and far away in her memory.

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