Friday, February 24, 2012

Books read in 2011

February 2011
Maigret and the Man On the Boulevard-Georges Simonen-very good
The Innocent Mrs. Duff- put off till summer
The Cambridge Theorem- Tony Cape-didn't finish
The Poisoned Chocolates Case-Anthony Berkeley-interesting
The Becket Factor-Michael David Anthony-very well written
Midnight Come-Michael David Anthony-sequel, well done, better than the first one!
A Most Contagious Crime-Catherine Aird-pretty good, interesting history

March 2011
Dark Provenance-Michael David Anthony-good
Inspector Cadaver-Georges Simonen-ok
Kristin Landvatter-Sigrid Unset- tried, didn't like
The Fabric of Sin-Phil Rickman-good, addictive
Death in a Strange Country- Donna Leon-very good
A Going Concern- Catherine Aird-witty, humorous, a good mystery with abrupt ending
Little Knell-Catherine Aird-ok, confusing

April 2011
The Cure of Souls-Phil Rickman-some good writing
Dressed for Death-Donna Leon-excellent
Losing Ground-Catherine Aird-didn't care for
Death and Judgement- Donna Leon-good

May 2011
Quietly in Their Sleep-Donna Leon-Very good
Keeper of the Doves-Betsy Byars-meh
Listening for Lions-Gloria Whelan-good
Niccolo Rising-Dorothy Dunnett-tried

June 2011
The September Society-Charles Finch-ok
Goody Hall-Natalie Babbitt-good
Missing-Karin Alvtegen-not my kind of book
Major Pettigrew's Last Stand-Helen Simonsen-LOVED
Uniform Justice-Donna Leon-stunning,well written
Blood from a Stone-Donna Leon-good
Suffer the Children-Donna Leon-good
About Face-Donna Leon-ok
State of Wonder-Anne Patchett- WONDERFUL

July 2011
A Question of Belief-Donna Leon-difficult end
Tom's Midnight Garden-Phillippa Pearce-good, old fashioned
The Last American Man-Elizabeth Gilbert-ok
Eat, Pray, Love-Elizabeth Gilbert-ok
Jayber Crow-Wendell Berry-beautiful writing
Hannah Coulter-Wendell Berry-beautiful, poignant
The Midas Murders-Margot Arnold-good
Death of a Hollow Man-Caroline Graham-good
Octagon House-Phoebe Atwood- good but dated
Toby's Folly-Margot Atwood-good,fun
The Book Thief-good but depressing
The Catacomb Conspiracy-Margot Arnold-disappointing

August 2011
Dirge for the Dorset Druid-Margot Arnold-interesting
Scent of Water-Elizabeth Goudge-beautifully written
Cape Cod Caper-Margot Arnold-ok
Trustee from the Toolroom-Neville Shute-good in parts
Fellowship of Fear-Aaron Elkins-ok,didn't finish
Cape Cod Conundrum-Margot Arnold-ok
Old Herbaceous-Reginald Arkell-LOVED
Any Shape or Form-Elizabeth Daly

September 2011
A Town Like Alice-Neville Shute-good but odd
The Pied Piper-Neville Shute

October 2011
The Last Detective-Leslie Thompson-couldn't finish
The Life of Charlotte Bronte-Elizabeth Gaskell-started
The Marx Sisters-Barry Maitland-good
The Chalon Heads-Barry Maitland-Excellent

November 2011
Malcontenta-Barry Maitland-ok
The Chief Inspector's Daughter-Sheila Radley-didn't care for
Naming the Bones-Louise Welsh-not my kind of book
Landscape of Lies-Peter Watson-less than ok

December 2011
A Back Room in Somers Town-John Malcolm-nope
Death's Bright Angel-Janet Neel-disliked 2 timing heroine

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