Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer begins...

We ended school on Friday with an all school picnic so this week is dedicated to wrapping up paperwork, sorting, filing, tossing...  The year went way too fast but since I taught second and third this past year I will be able to keep some of my students for another year!  I don't usually have that opportunity.  These future third graders are already amazing writers, can't wait to see what they are capable of in the future.  Even though I spent the long weekend doing report cards and writing thank you notes, I did squeeze in my first summer reading:  Thornyhold by Mary Stewart.  I have read it several times already, but enjoy it for the descriptive writing and especially the use of herbs woven into the story.  Not my typical reading material but this one just stole my heart.  Happy summer!


  1. Happy summer indeed! I like knowing your first book of the summer. I'm still shuffling my book stack, trying to decide. :)

  2. Happy summer. May it be relaxing and reading filled!

  3. I am a little envious...I still have 2.5 weeks to go! Enjoy reading!