Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A cup of coffee

July 23 Quick Write: include a cup of coffee in your writing...

    I was reading an article about finding happiness:  you were  to list things that made you happy and put those things first and foremost in your life to keep unhappiness at bay.  All kinds of things came to my mind:  having enough money to pay all the bills, a beautiful garden, children doing well in life.  These are things one can not control.  I felt a little simplistic but what I really thought would make me happy was a deep, dark, rich cup of coffee and the time to enjoy it. It could be in a coffee shop or  cafe or on my front porch...nothing special.  Just to have the time to sip it and think about the day ahead- that is happiness for me.  Perhaps it is more a feeling of contentment than outright happiness but it gives me quiet joy.  Then I am ready to face the day, come what may.

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