Monday, July 9, 2012

The 'bistro' table

bistro table
4 bistro chairs
2 tomato plants
2 poblano peppers
2 bean plants
yellow Gerbera daisies
2 tricolor sage
3 jade plants
2 decorative gnomes
purple mushroom garden ornament
mauve owl garden ornament
green watering can
bronze watering can

Bistro Table
I saw a photo on Facebook of a table set for two on a balcony with a Moroccan tablecloth, tall tapered candles, wine glasses, and a gourmet dinner.  So I rushed to prepare the bistro table on our front porch setting it up for a lovely and romantic dinner.  I put the Mediterranean style meal on the island counter and my husband and I filled our plates.  As I headed for the porch he headed for the living room.  "Aren't you going to eat on the porch with me?"I asked plaintively.  Not even turning around he replied, "I'm in the middle of watching the Sherlock Holmes movie and I want to see what happens."  Disappointed,  I headed out to the porch for my gourmet solo meal on my beautifully decorated bistro table.  Sherlock wins out every time...

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