Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sometimes...(for Teachers Write)

 Sometimes on a rainy day in summer
we say
it smells like the cottage
 or refer to the day as
cottage weather.
A rainy or humid day
 at the cottage
has a musty smell
all of its own.
The clouds hang low
heavy with moisture.
 I feel the  clamminess of it
as it sits upon my skin,
making me feel
languid and dispirited.
it becomes a jungle.
I almost fear going outside
it seems like a rain forest
where the insects
 might be voracious.
The raindrops
 from the leaves
onto the roof,
as steady as a metronome.
 There is tumultuous
do they sing of
more rain to come?
I  press my face against
the saggy screen door,
looking out upon the
orchard of plum trees
willing it to stop
so we can have fun.
I wonder
what we can do
with this rainy
cottage day.

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