Friday, June 28, 2013

Watching a Rainbow Fade

     This morning as I was waiting for my coffee to reheat I saw a rainbow arching across the western sky and hurried outside to watch it.  Within moments it began to fade and all too quickly, it disappeared.
      I don't think I've seen a rainbow in years... the last time I saw one it was a double rainbow over Lake Michigan during a wedding reception.  Everyone rushed out to see it and had the time to stand in awe of it until it was gone.
     It takes patience to stand and watch a rainbow until it disappears though.  It is a phenomenon, a fleeting look at a promise, but we have things to do and places to go.  I actually had to convince myself to take a moment and watch it till it faded.  It was more than worth it.
     Of course being in a summer writing camp, I had to dash in and write my title before the memory of it faded.  Watching a rainbow fade becomes a metaphor for taking time to cherish moments that pass all too rapidly.  A happy moment, a feeling of accomplishment, a kind word, a moment of friendship...they all disappear in the rush of real life.  When I write them down and mark the moment they happened, they don't fade away as quickly.  I can go back and remind myself they actually happened.
     So I grabbed my phone as I went out to look at the rainbow this morning and quickly captured an image of it.  It is nowhere near as glorious as the real one.  But it will help me remember the beauty long after it is gone.

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