Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Awakening in Spring

     Every spring when I start hiking or walking outdoors again it feels like I have been hibernating all winter.  I haven't...I'm out for recess duty every day come rain or shine, but it is not the same as hiking through the woods and seeing it come to life again.  It awakens something in me too. 
     In my last post I mentioned Hawthorn Hollow, we also have a hiking path through the woods next to the Root River provided by the company my husband works for. Yesterday I walked the 2 mile loop for the first time this year and it felt wonderful. There is something about reconnecting with nature that is good for the soul. 


  1. I love to hike too....this summer hopefully, I'll get to the mountains. It is great that there is a trail near the company.

  2. I agree that when you go out for a wlak after a long time there's something different and refreshing about it. I like how you said it's like reconnecting with nature. It is definitely good for the soul!!
    --jee young

  3. I have yet to get the awakening feeling this spring. Walking on the streets counts as little as outside duty.