Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Love That Dog

As we continue to read Love That Dog it brings emotions to the surface.  One of my students shared a problem he had after we finished reading today.  He was in tears, which surprised me because that is not typical for him.  The boys are really enjoying the story and getting the humor.  I  read Mirror, Mirror by Marilyn Singer with a group of girls today.  Her writing ability still astounds me, to be able to make sense forward and backward is way beyond my capabilities.  Then I shared Dark Emperor and other poem books by Joyce Sidman.  The artists in the group were really impressed by the beauty of the illustrations.  We then tried writing our own poems...very abstract... but it was our first try.  Loving poetry month!


  1. When kids can make a connection to a book, it makes it all that much more meaningful. Singer and Sidman are masters at creating interesting text. So will you read Hate That Cat too?

  2. I'll share an idea I did with my students last year, and they loved. I bought my 5 year old a book called Fancy Nancy Poet Extraordinaire -- it's all about how Nancy's teacher has the class create a Poet Tree (haha) and the kids write original poems on leaves which they attach to the tree on the bulletin board. I have never had kids write such good poems -- These 10th graders wanted their poem hung up so other people would read and comment. It was a huge success.

    I love poetry month, too...I just wish I was better at finding and reading poems aloud all year.


  3. See if the following link works: Reader's Theatre with Sharon Creech and Walter Dean Myers