Monday, June 4, 2012

Making Time to Write

When I was growing up I would have thought it amusing that now I have to make a plan to write.  Writing and reading were like breathing to me, something you do without even thinking about it.  This lasted all the way through college until I was out on my own.  Now I had time:  I set everything up at my kitchen table...and nothing.  I couldn't write.  Part of my writing life was having life going on all around me in my large family and college dorm.  I was so lonely on my own I couldn't focus enough to write anything.  My writing dwindled to poetry and then to nothing.
So!  I will write every morning in my quiet time here in my busy house before everyone wakes for the day.  It is a beautiful peaceful inspiring time to write and then when everyone wakes and the bustle begins...I can write because I'm not lonely anymore.

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