Monday, June 11, 2012

Teachers Write Assignment

Today we were supposed to make an outline for a piece we are working on:

The History of Parfrey’s  Glen:
1816-Robert Parfrey is born in England
1846- a series of sawmills to process timber and grist mills for grinding grain are built in the glen area, a Scottish word that means a rocky narrow gorge
1865-Robert Parfrey inherits land that includes grist mill and he works the mill both to grind grain and refinishing the millstones
1876- Parfrey moves to Minnesota
1882-So many people picnic and  in the area that rumors abound that a hotel will be built in the glen
1937- Norman Carter Fassett becomes curator of UW-Madison herbarium
1947- The state of Wisconsin acquires the glen to preserve it under the direction of Norman Carter Fassatt, chairman of the Natural Areas Committee
1952- Parfrey’s Glen is named a Wisconsin Natural Area
2008- Terrific flooding damages the glen
2010- Another flood brings devastation to the glen

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