Saturday, February 8, 2014

Feb. 8, 2014

     I am not a William Faulkner fan, having been forced to read the Sound and the Fury in college literature classes, but I do like this quote attributed to him.  I have made it a goal to try to write something every day and it is not easy, at least not to put words down here.  There are days when I have plenty to write about, but I would have to do such heavy editing there would be nothing left on the page.  I do know this, writing helps me sort things out and work out the problems I am dealing with.  The last few days have been no words, but then this morning a thought came to me that helped me to resolve it somewhat.  Immediately I thought, I need to write this down!  I will write it down elsewhere of course, but it will be written.  Then when I encounter the difficulties again, as I inevitably will, I can go back to that paper to remind myself, this one is already solved.  Move on.

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