Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February 5, 2014

  On Monday a former student was chatting happily with me at recess about winning third place in a wrestling match over the weekend.  He ran off to play and I turned my attention to other matters.  A few minutes later he said from the floor, "Do you think you could help me up?"  He jokes around a lot so I tried to give him a hand but couldn't get him up.  His teacher tried to assist, but we finally told him to try to pull himself up on the edge of the stage.  He couldn't do that either.  Becoming increasingly alarmed his teacher started trying to get a hold of his mom, while I talked to the student, trying to figure out what had happened.  He really couldn't say.  About 20 minutes later, the ambulance had to come and take him away, and his mom, a nurse, spent the rest of the afternoon with him at the hospital as they ran all kinds of tests.  Thankfully, as he moved in the hospital bed, there was a loud pop and his hip popped back into place.  He was back at school today as good as new. (hopefully)
   While traumatized by the entire episode, it makes me stop and think how fast life can change.  One minute he was a carefree child, the next living in fear of being paralyzed or facing surgery.
     Each day is a day of grace to be thankful for:  our physical, mental, and emotional health and our spiritual well being even more so.  So very thankful that our afternoon of prayers were answered for my young friend.

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