Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February 19, 2014

   Even though yesterday afternoon didn't end very well, I headed off early for school this morning with high hopes for the day.  I had become inspired to redecorate our extra room in order to use it when the gym is too noisy for us to learn and only have time before school to work on it this week.  My efforts are slowly paying off and the room is taking shape.  Of course I was disheveled and exhausted before 7 am but it was worth it as I stood back and admired the progress I am making in a room that lately had begun to resemble a junk pile.  I added bookshelves to block the clutter towards the back of the room, cozy chairs with comfortable seat cushions for a reading area, and more colorful paper fish hangings as a room divider.
    In the early afternoon things disintegrated in my classroom as we worked on a long term project.  It is so discouraging to put so much effort into preparing special projects, trying to make things more hands on, and redecorating to make it appealing, when someone just wants to push my buttons to see how much they can get away with and before I know it I have turned into an ogre.  I had the best intentions today but it seems I was thwarted in my plans.  Now I have to come up with some way to not repeat the same mistakes tomorrow....

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