Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February 4, 2014

     On Sunday, my sister in law posted a plea on Facebook to get her children to call her, not text, not email, but call.  I tried to stick up for the non calling people by saying I don't enjoy talking on the phone, I'd much rather message with my children which my brother in law took objection to.  But if one thinks about it, in the past all we had was the written word.  People communicated everything in letters that crossed the continents to people they loved.  Now we write our words and they are instantly transported around the world.  My daughter can think about what she wants to say before she hits the enter button, I can go back and reread what she wrote and relive the moment.  A phone call is gone forever.  I say, go with whatever communication works for you.  When I don't hear from my children I know they are fine, out there enjoying their lives, living in the moment.  When they need me, I will hear from them and hopefully say what they need to hear.  Until then, a brief word here or there, a photo of them with a happy smile is good enough for this mom, and hopefully always will be.

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