Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 12, 2014

     Animal tracks in the snow tell a story that we would not be aware of otherwise.  Every morning there are new tracks in the garden outside of my kitchen window displaying a drama that happened overnight.  Small tracks furtively searching for seeds when larger tracks spring on them from behind is a common scenario.  Then there is a blur in the snow where the scuffle takes place.
     Right now I am reading A Toad for Tuesday to my class in which an owl captures a toad in winter and saves it for his birthday treat next Tuesday.  It is interesting how writers can take a story from nature, that doesn't usually have a happy ending, and make it into an enjoyable piece of fiction.  There is drama, suspense, the building of a friendship between predator and prey, a twist in the plot, and since it's a kids' book, a happy ending.  Stories are everywhere if we take the time to find them.

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