Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 5, 2013

      Everyone is wishing away this winter weather and dreaming of spring, but we have a long season to get through yet.  Today it is supposed to drop into bitterly cold below zero temperatures.  It reminds me of my first years of teaching near Green Bay.  I had a huge winter coat and continued to walk across the bridge to school each day, even though it was 19 below.  People would stop and urge me to get in their car, but I was bundled so warmly it didn't bother me.  We even went out for recess in the huge field behind the school.  I would never dream of doing that now. is what you make it.  I live here, not in a warmer climate, so I feel the need to accept what we have and embrace the beauty of the season.  When it is still snowing and freezing in April, then I will definitely be having a problem with the weather.

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