Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 15, 2014

     An online mentor recommended this book and the title intrigued me...12 kinds of ice?  I wondered what they were, never realizing what memories this little book would trigger for me.  The children in the story had an ice rink made by their father on their farm.  My parents made our back yard into an ice rink during the winters my 3 sisters and I were in our early teens.  I can only imagine the effort they put into it to keep their daughters and two little boys occupied and entertained in winter.  Our backyard became an icy wonderland where anything was possible as I twirled on skates under the stars. We joined the neighbor kids in a raucous game of Crack the Whip at times.  But my favorite memory is of singing 'Most of All' by B J Thomas as I spun around the tree feeling a happiness that is hard to recapture now.  It makes me realize how much our parents loved us to take the time to create something that would be very fleeting but would give us so much joy.

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