Saturday, January 25, 2014

January 25, 2014

     My goal for writing every day has brought a few of my interests together, which is a serendipitous surprise.  Years ago I loved to cut beautiful photos out of magazines and make collages for my room.  Now that I have switched to reading online, I hardly have a magazine in the house, but I have begun to collect images online and use them as writing prompts.  On a whim I started January by seeking out all the Monet winter images I could find.  It has been a joy to look at them throughout January.  It sparked my idea to choose a theme for February of all kinds of hearts and it was very enjoyable seeking out interesting photos of them to use for future writing ideas.  I am so thankful to have online mentors who are reminding me to go back to what I loved as a child to rekindle my joy: reading, writing, making art, having fun...I sometimes forget what that is like in the tumult of every day life.

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