Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 7, 2014

      Being that we are in the midst of an arctic freeze and then getting an email about Siberia, I wondered how people survive there.  Aren't we being a little over protective and extreme in not going out at all?  Apparently not:  they only bundle up in furs and layers to go from one place to another.  They do not hang around outside.  Well I guess that answers some of my questions.  I became curious as to why they live there.  Originally it was just a temporary place for nomadic reindeer herders.  Sounds reasonable.  Then gold was discovered so miners came up to settle there.  When the tsarist government toppled they decided to send dissidents there, very few survived.  The people that have been born there feel it is their home, so they stay.  Maybe that's why we stay here, so I can't judge.

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