Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Slice of Life Day 14

Today's temperature in Wisconsin is breaking records. It was so warm we went outside to write.  It was like a day in June!  We spread out over the playground, found a comfortable spot and sat down to write.  I played a roving reporter and went around with a little notebook to document everyone's writing.  Here is what I found:
Brendan found an acorn and drew it and wrote about it.  He had to go get a cone from the gym materials to hold down his papers as he wrote.
Brady wrote:  Today I am writing outside and it is very hot.
Annika drew a circle with sidewalk chalk on the pavement and wrote about Fun in the Sun.
Cody wrote about his day and mentioned that he had a Danish for snack today.
Naythenn sprawled out on his stomach on the warm pavement and wrote a fish story.
Cameron wrote about how his pollution collector experiment blew over the fence into our butterfly garden.
Matt wrote:  Today it is beautiful.  He also wrote about time he gets to spend with his mom.
Samantha writes every day about what she had for breakfast among other things.  (No waffles today:)
Anna wrote about her day and mentioned that she did a flip on the bar.
Ava made up a story of her own.
Lydia wrote:  I love it.  It feels awesome.  Today is my mom's birthday.  A bird is chirping.  It is beautiful.
Kayleb wrote about Grandma Jo and her trip to the Grand Canyon.  He can't wait to see her again.
Marissa wrote about our beautiful day and drew a picture to go with her story.
Nevaiah sat at the picnic table and wrote about the rocks she has painted to sell.
Sawyer sat on the monkey bars and wrote:  Today is the best day ever!
Maddie sat on the slide platform and made up a story.
Ella also sat on the platform and wrote about sewing a toy cat.
Nevaeh wrote as she sat on the ladder to the slide.  She enjoys writing, so she usually fills more than a page.
Mike was distracted by a fly as he sat at another picnic table, but he wrote about the game at recess.
Kaitlyn wrote about a camping trip on a day so warm some vehicles sank into the parking lot.
We missed Mikailah because she left early today.  Hope she writes about her afternoon for us tomorrow!


  1. Going outside to read and write is so special ... My kids love it, and their outdoor writing shows it!

  2. What a great activity! I think I'll go outside and write right now. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. What a wonderful outdoor writing experience. Love that they were noticing things around them.