Friday, March 30, 2012

Slice of Life Day 30

One of my students has a younger sister in kindergarten who comes up to me every chance she gets to tattle on her sister.  My student is a wonderful kind hearted girl, but her sister really tries to persuade me otherwise.  Yesterday after another attempt by the sister to convince me not to like my student, I said, "Belle, it's too late to convince me.  I love Lydia."  The kindergartner replied, "Teachers can't love people! She's not your daughter."  That gave me a good laugh.  She is very sincere and serious, but she is wrong.  We can and do love our students and will defend them to the end!


  1. I love how Kindergartners state things so matter-of-factly. "Teachers can't love people."
    I saw one of my first grade students who is now in 7th grade. We talked, and I gave her a hug before I left. I am always so thrilled to see former students and find out what they are doing - like seeing my own kids again. Once they are your student, you love them forever!

  2. That is cute. I bet my sister would try the same thing on me. Tattling for nothing. :) I like your last line and wholeheatedly agree.