Sunday, March 25, 2012

Slice of Life Day 25

Every spring the third grade studies Charlotte's Web;  this was in the curriculum when I arrived and I did not change that.  So every year my days are once again shaped and influenced by the exquisite writing of E. B. White and I have the privilege of sharing my love for this book with a new group of students.  This year I've been doing some searching for a few new ideas and stumbled (as usual) across this lovely poem that E.B.White wrote for his wife.  Enjoy!

         Natural History-by E. B. White

The spider, dropping down from twig,
Unwinds a thread of his devising;
A thin, premeditated rig
To use in rising.
And all the journey down through space,
In cool descent, and loyal-hearted,
He builds a ladder to the place
From which he started.
Thus I, gone forth, as spiders do,
In spider's web a truth discerning,
Attach one silken strand to you
For my returning.   


  1. Wow. I have not seen that before. How beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I also appreciate the fact that while you share the same book every year, you are looking for ways to keep it fresh.

  2. Beautiful. Almost makes me think kindly of the spiders I've found in my house this weekend.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I love the analogy of people being able to find their way back to those they love by a symbolic silken thread.