Sunday, March 18, 2012

Slice of Life Day 18

Whenever I work in the garden this time of year I feel as though I am living in The Secret Garden novel.  The author described so vividly how it is when everything is overgrown and just awakening from winter.  I had my own secret garden awhile back...we bought property that had award winning gardens in the 1920's but since the 1960's had been neglected.  It was a lot of work but we brought it back to life.  It was hard to leave it and move here to a new subdivision where there was not even landscaping when we moved in.  I miss my overgrown garden at times, but it was fun to plan and plant a new garden that is truly my own.  Two extremes that is for sure!  If I had to choose though- I would take the overgrown secret garden every time.


  1. I enjoy gardening too. You secret garden sounds beautiful. A garden grows on love. Your post also made me think of a book "The Humming Room" which has a Secret Garden like theme.

  2. Ah, yes; the jungle. sometimes I wish I could remember it too but after all the work you put into fixing it up the 4+ gardens you've created at home must seem like pie.

  3. What a great story, Tina. I was only at that house once and I don't remember the garden, but I can appreciate your reference to The Secret Garden. I loved that book! I need to read it again.